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To all of our current residents


Thank you for choosing to rent from Artel Properties. Below is information commonly asked by our current residents. If you have any additional questions, please direct your inquires to (978) 494-6475 or


Rental Payments


Artel Properties only accepts online payments via RentRedi, a simple and secure online payment partner. Simply go to RentRedi to register your account.


Rent is due on or before the first of each month. You can continue to access your RentRedi account directly through their website or by clicking “Pay Your Rent” in the top right-hand corner of the Artel Properties website.

The responsibility to pay in a timely fashion is shared by all residents in the unit.

Guarantors will be contacted if rent is not paid on time.


Maintenance Requests


Please report all maintenance requests online by filling out our maintenance request form or by emailing us at Our team will respond to these requests within 48-72 hours.


Examples of maintenance requests:


Clogged garbage disposals

Slow drains in shower, sink, or toilet

Beeping smoke detector (due to low battery)

Washer/dryer issues

Dishwasher issues


Emergency Maintenance


Emergency maintenance requests are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Emergency maintenance requests by Artel Properties residents should be reported immediately to (978) 494-6475. Please follow the prompts as directed and be sure to leave a voicemail followed by an email to


Emergency maintenance requests by Clark owned properties should be reported campus police at 508-793-7575.


Examples of emergency maintenance:


Water leak

No heat

No water

Toilet overflowing

Lockout (subject to fees for subsequent calls)

In the event of fire or immediate danger call 911.




If your apartment does not have utilities paid by us, please contact the utility company before you move in to establish an account(s) in your name. To ensure the continuation of service, the start date should be the first day of your lease. Subsequently, please refer to your lease to ensure you are establishing the correct utility services in your name as we may for electricity but not gas and vice versa.


EVERSOURCE Gas – Heat, Hot Water, Stove




CHARTER SPECTRUM – Cable and Internet


Please note we do not allow Dish Networks or any other exterior installations on our properties.




Tenants must register their car with the office by submitting the make, model, and license plate number via email and display a Artel Properties parking sticker on the back, drivers’ side rear window.

Parking is first come first serve. We do not assign spaces to residents.

There is NO GUEST PARKING in our off street lots. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense.

If you are borrowing a car that will be parked on the premises, please notify the office ahead of time with it’s make, model, and license plate number so that we can alert the towing company.




Should the need arise for you to sublet your apartment, we are more than happy to accommodate it under the following conditions.


No advertising the sublease on Craigslist.

Must be at least three months in duration.

Lessee must be approved by Artel Properties.

In addition, roommates must be notified and approved the sub-tenant. It is important that the existing chemistry amongst roommates/household is considered when looking to sublease your apartment.

Please contact our office with further questions and instructions.


Trash and Recycling


If your building has an on-site dumpster then you may dispose of your trash without purchasing the yellow City of Worcester trash bags. However, if your building does not have an on-site dumpster you must dispose of trash in the yellow City of Worcester trash bags which are available at most markets, convenience and drug stores.


Recycling bins are available from the Worcester Department of Public Works and can be used by any resident looking to recycle.


Please be considerate of your neighbors and properly dispose of trash. Any excessive trash removed by Artel Properties will be charged at a minimum $25.00 per trash bag/item to the responsible unit. If the unit cannot be identified, then the charges will be assessed to the entire building.


Proper Use of Appliances

Washing Machines


Do not overload the washing machine (should not be more than ¾ full of laundry) and be sure to evenly distribute laundry so the machine can run properly

Remove all items from pockets

Check loading instructions on washer for proper setting

Start washer immediately after loading it



Do not overload dryer (should not be more than ¾ full of laundry)

Clean lint trap before and after each use



Do not flush any feminine products or anything that will cause clogging

Charges to the tenant will occur should any foreign object be discovered that causes clogging/flooding

Garbage Disposal


No bones, glass, plastic, metal, paper, grease, fat or oil

Run COLD water while using garbage disposal

Check for utensils, bottle caps, glassware and other items before running

Put only small amounts of food in at a time

Run water and motor until all grinding is complete

Consistent repairs due to tenant negligence and/or disregard for proper use of laundry units, toilets and garbage disposals will result in fees in accordance with the Artel Properties tenant handbook.


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