Renting an Apartment

  • Do I need to submit a rental application?

    All tenants must submit an online application which includes personal and emergency contact information. You will be asked to consent to a credit and/or background check if you do not have a guarantor.

  • How do I commit to an apartment?

    To secure your new apartment, you must pay your first month's rent at lease signing. This will remove the apartment from the available listings, and the unit will no longer be shown to prospective residents.


    Artel Properties requires the first month's rent, last month's rent, and security deposit to be paid in full before move-in.


    First Month's Rent


    Due at lease signing

    Pre-payment for the first month of occupancy

    Last Month's Rent


    Due within 60-days of lease signing, or on the first day of occupancy, whichever comes first

    Pre-payment for the final month of occupancy

    Payment carries over if you renew your lease

    Security Deposit


    Due within 60-days of lease signing, or on the first day of occupancy, whichever comes first

    Equal to one full month's rent

    Held by landlord on behalf of resident

    Refundable in-part or in-full based on condition of outstanding account balance and condition of apartment at move-out



  • Do I have to provide proof of income?

    We want to make sure that paying for housing won't be a burden.


    All applicants who are relying exclusively on their credit and income must provide proof of income. Applicants will be asked to submit three months of bank statements or pay stubs, as well as their employer’s contact information.

Tenant Handbook

  • Tenant Handbook

    Please read this comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth tenancy with Artel Properties!


    Tenant Handbook


    Artel Properties


    Welcome to Artel Properties!


    We are very glad you’ve chosen to reside in one of our apartments and hope that you are delighted.  The entire staff is here to ensure that you have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable year.




    Office address:


    91 Elm St, Worcester, MA 01610


    Office phone number:


    ‪(978) 494-6475‬










    Emergency Maintenance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


    ‪(978) 494-6475‬




    Utility companies should be contacted before you move in to establish an account(s) in your name. To ensure continuation of service, the start date should be the first day of the lease.


    EVERSOURCE- Gas- Heat, Hot Water, Stove



    NATIONAL GRID- Electric



    CHARTER SPECTRUM- Cable and Internet





    Emergency Maintenance


    24 hours a day, 7 days a week


    ‪(978) 494-6475‬


    Water Leak

    No Heat

    No Water

    Lock Out (subject to fees for subsequent calls)

    All emergencies should be reported immediately!


    In the event of a fire or immediate danger CALL 911


    Routine Maintenance


    Report non-emergencies arAll non-emergencies will be tended to within 48-72 hours.


    Garbage Disposals

    Slow Drains

    Beeping Smoke Detector (due to low battery)

    Washer/Dryer Issues

    Dishwasher Issues

    Payment Options


    Pay your rent online right at our website!

    Cash or checks are not accepted.

      -Go to www.artelpropertiesllc.com


      Tenant Responsibilities


    Tenants are responsible for keeping the apartment in good order, paying rent on time and adhering to the lease especially regarding trash, noise and behavior.  Apartments will only be available for occupancy upon receipt of all deposits and documents as required.


    Move In Condition Statements – We work hard to ensure your apartment is move in ready!  When you check in, tenants will be required to sign a move in condition statementand will have fifteen (15) days to list any issues that may require repair and/or replacement. Should the list not be returned within this period, a court may later view your failure to return the list as evidence the apartment was received in excellent condition, which may impact your ability to recover any of the amount of security deposit withheld.




    We are more than happy to accommodate subleasing,should the need arise, under the following conditions:


    No advertising sub-lease on Craigslist

    At least 2 months in duration

    Must be approved by the Office



    Tenants must register their car with the office and display a Artel Properties parking sticker on the back, driver’s siderear window.

    Parking is first come first serve

    NO GUEST PARKINGin off street lots– violators will be towed at owner’s expense

     Snow Removal


    Please be patient, snow removal is time consuming

    Move cars upon request

    Winter Break


    If you leave over the holidays, we would like to remind you of a few things.


    DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR HEAT! Leave heat set at least 60 degrees. You will be responsible for any damage caused by the pipes freezing.

    Throw away any food that could spoil while you are away

    Take out all trash in yellow bags before leaving

    If you have any questions, please let us know!


    Trash and Recycling


    All trash must be disposed of in yellow City of Worcester bags, which are available in most markets, convenience and drug stores. Recycle bins are available from the Worcester Department of Public Works.


    Please be considerate of your neighbors and properly dispose of your trash.  In the event excessive trash is removed by Artel Properties, the responsible unit will be assessed $25 per bag.  If the unit cannot be identified, the removal charges will be assessed to the entire building.


    Proper Usage of Appliances


    Washing Machines


    Remove all items from pockets before washing

    Check loading instructions on washer for proper setting

    Start washer immediately after loading it

    Use proper amount of detergent

    Avoid overloading the machine - washer tub should not be more than ¾ full of laundry.   Overloading causes washing machines to shift out of position. Continual overloading can bend the washer’s frame and damage the motor, which will eventually require repair or replacement.  If washer stops mid-cycle, remove the top layer of clothing and it will usually start back up again.



    Do not overload

    Clean lint trap before & after each use



    Do not flush any feminine products….or anything other than toilet paper.


    Garbage Disposal


    The majority of clogged garbage disposals are due to misuse.


    If you can’t eat it, it doesn’t belong in the garbage disposal!


    No bones, glass, plastic, metal or paper!


    No grease, fat or oil!




    Check for utensils, bottle caps, small glassware (shot glasses) or other foreign objects (beer caps before running the disposal

    Turn on cold water while using disposal

    Put only small amounts of food in the disposal at a time

    Run water & motor until all grinding is complete

    Run the disposal each time food is put in the disposal

    MOST clogged disposals are non-emergencies and should be reported to admin@artelpropertiesllc.com


    If repairsare due to tenant negligence and/or disregard for proper use of the laundry units, toilets and garbage disposals, the following fees will apply:




    -Warning! Maintenance will show you proper usage at no charge.




    -$25(during office hours)


    -$50 (after office hours)




    -$50 (during office hours)


     -$75 (after office hours)


    Move Out Instructions


    Apartments must be vacated by NOON on the last day of the lease. Notify the office in advance of your move out date. If you plan to move out earlier,  please let us know.

    Contact the office to schedule a walkthrough of your apartment.  Failure to schedule a walkthrough forfeits any right to contest any assessments against your security deposit.

    Clean, Clean, Clean!! Your apartment is expected to be returned in the condition it was given to you. Most security deposit deductions are made due to a lack of cleaning, especially the kitchen, appliances and bathrooms. Please see the checklist below.

    Keys, Keys, Keys!!Please return all keys, to include building, unit, bedroom, mailbox and/or dumpster keys. A $50 assessment will be charged to the security deposit for each full set of keys not returned.

    Remove all trash, furniture, food, personal items, etc….

    Any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be assessed to the unit.

    If all roommates agree you may choose to accept a cleaning charge (which will be pro-rated and deducted from your security deposit) instead of cleaning yourself.


    1-2 bedroom - $250

    3-5 bedroom - $300 - $450

    Please contact the office to let us know in advance if you would like to take advantage of this offer.


    Move Out Cleaning Checklist




    Clean outside and inside of refrigerator - including shelves and crisper

    Clean freezer, defrost if necessary by unplugging. Plug back in after.

    Clean entire outside and inside of oven – including racks

    Clean stove top drip trays and around heating elements

    Clean inside and out of built in microwave

    Use degreaser wherever needed

    Remove all food/debris from cabinets

    Wipe down cabinets inside and outside

    Clean dishwasher inside and out

    Clean all countertops, under sink – degreaser where necessary

    Sweep and mop all floors



    Remove all soap scum and stains from bathtub and fixtures

    Clean all walls of shower

    Clean vanity inside and out – including mirror

    Disinfect, scrub and remove stains from inside and outside of toilet(s)

    Sweep and mop floors

    Remove shower curtain(s)



    Clean doors

    Sweep/vacuum floors



    Clean all windows

    Wipe down all mini-blinds

    Remove all trash and personal items

    Locate all ceiling fan remote controls


Paying Rent

  • How do I pay rent?

    1. On your RentRedi app, tap “Rent”

    2. Select the charge you would like to pay

    3. Select a payment method (Note: paying with a bank account is only $1 – check out How to Pay Rent with Bank Account!)

    4. Submit payment using your preferred payment method!

    Watch how-to video here.


  • How do I pay rent with ACH/Bank account on RentRedi?

    1. On your RentRedi app, tap “Rent”

    2. Tap the charge you would like to pay

    3. Tap “Select Payment Method”

    4. Tap “New Bank Account”

    5. Log in to your bank via Plaid

    6. Tap the “Pay” button at the bottom to submit payment!

    Watch how-to video here.


  • How do I set up auto-pay?

    Tenants can now set up auto-pay for rent payments! On your tenant app, you can pick a day and amount to automatically pay towards rent each month! 🎉


    Currently, tenant auto-pay works for rent payments only. For other fees or charges (like repairs, parking, utilities, etc) tenants will still have to make manual payments.


    1. Go to your RentRedi app

    2. Tap the “Rent” icon

    3. Tap “Set Up Auto-Pay”

    4. Enter the amount that will be automatically 5. charged each month

    5.. Select the date the payment will be automatically made (on or before rent due date)

    6. Click “Save Changes”



    Watch how-to video


  • How can I Report My Rent Payments to Credit Bureaus?

    When you pay rent through the RentRedi mobile app, you can report all on-time rent payments to TransUnion to boost your credit score. 60% of renters even see improvements after 1 month!

    1. Login to the RentRent mobile app for tenants

    2. Tap the “Rent” button on the home menu and tap “Report Rent”

    3. Select “Report Entire Lease” to share current & future rent payments

    4. Select “Add Past Payments” to report past rent payments & to get you to 12 full months of reporting!

Current Residents

  • May I smoke in my unit?

    All of our buildings are smoke-free facilities. This means that you must not smoke inside your apartment, or in the common spaces in any Artel Properties owned facility.


    Please respect your neighbors by not smoking near windows or doors, and always dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. Disposing of cigarette butts on the ground is littering.


  • Are utilities included?

    This could be yes, or could be no! Please read the unit description associated to the apartment in question. Most of our apartments are unique, which means that which utilities are included will vary, too.

  • Who are my utility providers?

    When you move into a new apartment, you need to ensure that the utility accounts are placed in your or your housemate's name. Utility companies will turn off service if they are aware that a new occupant is in an apartment who has not yet assumed ownership of the utility accounts.


    To ensure uninterrupted service, contact your utility providers before the start of your lease. They will allow you to select a date in the future when the account ownership will be switched into your name.


    Here are the most likely utility providers in your area:


    Eversource: natural gas utility that may provide service for your heat, hot water, or stove.



    National Grid: electric utility that may provide service for your heat or hot water as well.



    Charter Spectrum: internet service provider that also provides landline telephone and cable television services.




  • Can I break lease?

    You are responsible to meet the obligations in your lease. Should you need to break your lease, you are responsible for finding a replacement resident and for paying any costs to release the apartment. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising costs, cleaning costs, unpaid rent during vacancy, and so on.


    As a lease signer, you are obligated to pay your rent regardless of whether or not you reside in the apartment.


    Please contact the office to plan for releasing. We will assist you in this process, but it is your responsibility to secure a new tenant and pay for any costs incurred. Any new resident will be subject to a screening process.

  • Are my deposits refundable?

    The first month’s rent payment is non-refundable and due when the lease is signed. Your last month's rent and security deposit, however, are a bit more complicated.


    Artel Properties requires the first month's rent, last month's rent, and security deposit to be paid in full before move-in.


    Since your last month's rent is a pre-payment for your final month of occupancy, if you broke lease but provided a credit-worthy tenant as a replacement, then you could receive a refund for your last month's rent. This depends on what other costs were incurred during re-leasing, but as long as your landlord is "made whole," your last month's rent may be refundable.


    Your security deposit is held on your behalf, so it is inherently refundable to you after move-out. That said, deductions from your security deposit may be taken depending on outstanding balances from tenancy or the condition of your apartment after move-out. If you want your security deposit refunded in full, please review these related articles.

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